Here's the Skinny

by Elijah Cross

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Many thanks to Fernando Perdomo and Chris Price for your friendship and encouragement even more than your musicianship, to Ben LeCourt for completing the studio dream team, to Mike House for your ears and patience, and Mark Peteritas for bringing it all home.

These songs wouldn't have been written without inspiration from:

God, Vivian Loriga (née Astray-Caneda) Rachel Goodrich, Jessica Cross, Amanda Smith, Rebekah TC, the person who put a piano in the cafeteria of the shelter I first lived in when I arrived in Miami in 2002, and the woman at that shelter, whose name I wish I could remember, who asked if I could write a song to encourage her incarcerated husband.

This album is dedicated to two awesome women: Amanda Jane Pellett, whose own story inspired to me to get back up, and Elizabeth Cross, my mother, who still lives in me.


released June 7, 2016

Produced by Fernando Perdomo
Recorded at Reseda Ranch Studios, California
Mixing by Mike "Frankenstein" House"
Mastering: Mark Peteritas, Working Man's Productions
All songs written by Elijah Cross (BMI)
Photography: Tiffany Derr, tbd Photography

Executive producer Elizabeth Cross

© 2016 Elijah Cross - all rights reserved



all rights reserved


Elijah Cross York, Pennsylvania

Elijah Cross was born in California, and attended the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts before moving to New York, then Florida, Georgia, and all of them again before settling in Pennsylvania. His debut album, "Here's the Skinny", is out June 7.

He also performs stand up comedy and magic from time to time.
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Track Name: I Will Break Your Heart
Before we begin,
let me say I'm terrified,
'cause I've never been
on the other end of this --
there's nothing you do
That would make me leave your side,
so there's no blaming you
when something goes amiss.

(Chorus) I will break your heart,
but not because I wanna see it break --
remember, (I'm human) I am bound to make mistakes.
It's hard to get this right in just one take.

I never mean
to let things get out of hand,
creating a scene
with the things I do and say.
If you wanna turn
me away I'd understand --
I never did earn
Your affection anyway.

Track Name: Case
The room has been empty for a long, long time —
There's still yellow tape across the door,
And nobody's lived here since that awful crime —
You see the chalk outline on the floor?

The best of detectives have all come and gone;
They looked over every inch of this place.
What makes you so certain that you'll be the one
To solve the case?

You tell me you've got this new technology
That everyone else has yet to use,
And if I am patient, I will surely see
How you can unravel all the clues.

All of the others have told me the same,
And they never found any leads they could chase.
Flashing your badge here and talking your game
Won't solve the case.

You should be thankful I am telling you,
Instead of selling you
False hope...

I know you believe you've got plenty of skill
And you've got a method that I should embrace,
But I don't believe it, and I never will —
So get off my case.
Track Name: Submission
I can dress in your favorite attire
and take a walk on your mile high wire;
I'll do the daredevil deeds you desire --
No, I don't mind being a waste

You could rival a bottle of liquor
that dulls my senses and makes my pulse flicker,
and though I know every sip gets me sicker,
I'm hopelessly hooked on the taste

(Chorus) ('Cause) You're the girl of my dreams --
my cocaine with legs --
'til my poor self esteem's
raised a couple of pegs.

It's a clearly impossible mission
to throw you back in the sea and keep fishin',
so I will stay in this state of submission --
it's better than nothing at all.

It's a terribly tainted endeavor,
and it's a tie I should certainly sever,
but I may walk on your wire forever,
with nothing preventing my fall.
Track Name: Dream Another Day
If she were here and the mood was right,
I would blow it
with something silly I would say.
Still, she'll be in my arms tonight --
though she don't know it,
Because she's miles and miles away...

But a dream can sweep the facts aside,
and keep her at my side,
where she can make a promise she'll always stay.

Though all it takes is the morning light
to overthrow it,
I can still dream another day.
Track Name: Careful
I just wanna lift you up,
because you are my woman.
I just wanna lift you up,
but God help me, I am human.

I break down when you're unkind;
if you're not careful i'm undone.
I break down inside my mind
'til I'm just no good to anyone

And if you don't apologize,
well, you know you're still forgiven --
just a look into my eyes
and you will see my love still livin'.

But take it easy on me now --
if you're not careful I'm undone.
There's just so much a heart allows
'til it's just no good to anyone.

I break down when you're unkind,
but I'm still not gonna run --
though there's a breakdown in my mind,
I still love you more than anyone
Track Name: Rachel Goodrich
I'm gonna take the little cash I have
and blow it on a cab to Purdy Avenue tonight.
I may not have enough to make the fare,
and I don't even know if she'll be there,
but that's alright...

(Chorus) (But) I won't get her attention either way.
I'm just a fool who goes to see her play --
how did I start thinking I'm
entitled to the stinkin' time
of day?

I already know how this'll go:
she'll step onto the stage and steal the show
from everyone --
and I'll be in the corner like a dunce,
wishing I could say two words, for once,
besides "well done"

Track Name: Untitled (The Psycho Song)
Yes, I know it's over, but you barely
gave a reason why --
how can I move on when you've unfairly
hung me out to dry?

I deserve a better explanation --
this one will not pass.
This is not our final conversation --
you can bet your ass.

You may find another who will take your
heart, and lay you down;
you may even pack your bags and make your
way to some new town --

none of that will put this all behind you --
not 'til I've agreed.
Don't forget that I know how to find you
any time I need.

Think about if this were vice versa --
me deserting you --
how'd you feel if you were left to nurse a
bruise so black and blue?

All I ask is that the golden rule be
properly applied --
otherwise, it's safe to say that you'll be
haunted once I've died.
Track Name: The Lord Still Loves Me
I was badly misled by the hand of hell;
now I lie on a bed in a prison cell.
I'm no longer adored by the friends I knew well,
but i know that the Lord still loves me.

Well, my dangerous wrath and my dangerous pride
took a dangerous path to a dangerous side,
but the Word is my sword now; the word is my guide,
and I know that the Lord still loves me.

I've been counting the days
since I've seen the sun's rays
on a cold an dreary wall,
but with God in the fight,
there's a new kind of light
that will see me through it all.

If I live behind bars 'til the day I die --
never seeing the stars in the midnight sky --
even if I'm ignored by the world passing by,
well, I know that the Lord still loves me.
Yes, I know that the Lord still loves me.
Track Name: The Wizard of Flaws
I guess I should have explained --
I don't need much to be impressed.
As long as I'm entertained,
then you don't have to do you best.

(Chorus) And one day, if I decide to grow up,
then I'll need something more --
but these days, you only have to show up
at my door, and ignore
how my heart sounds like thunder
even six feet under the floor.

I guess I should have been clear --
don't look to me to be adored.
The only reason you're here
is that I'm absolutely bored


Don't ever mention how I ran away, uncertain
of feelings still hidden.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain --
you're strictly forbidden.
He's agony ridden --
I'm not even kiddin'.