Here's the Skinny (LP Demo)

by Elijah Cross

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The songs on the demo for Elijah Cross’ album Here’s the Skinny showcase, among other things, his obsession with hunting for the perfect lyric. “I was discovering music in the 90s, and though I did get into the popular music of that time, I found these old songbooks at home with lyrics by Ira Gershwin and Hoagy Carmichael and folks like that – stuff with fun rhyme schemes and structures – and I’d play their stuff as much as any of the strong pop/rock writers that were current,” he says. “The apparent care they took with words, with crafting a lyric, was attractive to me .”

The full LP blends elements of a variety of genres, from rock, pop and folk to jazz and gospel, but remains a cohesive set, thanks to Cross’ own style appearing on each track, and the production by Fernando Perdomo.


released April 26, 2015

Produced by Fernando Perdomo at Reseda Ranch Studios, 2014
Mixed by Mike "Frankenstein" House



all rights reserved


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Elijah Cross York, Pennsylvania

Elijah Cross was born in California, and attended the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts before moving to New York, then Florida, Georgia, and all of them again before settling in Pennsylvania, where he recently opened for Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root. He has recently wrapped recording sessions for a new album, "Here's the Skinny", and is currently showing the demo to labels. ... more

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Track Name: I Will Break Your Heart
Before we begin
Let me say I'm terrified
'Cause I've never been
On the other end of this
There's nothing you do
That would make me leave your side
So there's no blaming you
When something goes amiss

(Chorus) I will break your heart
But not because I wanna see it break
Remember (I'm human) I am bound to make mistakes
It's hard to get this right in just one take

I never mean
To let things get out of hand
Creating a scene
With the things I do and say
If you wanna turn
Me away I'd understand
I never did earn
Your affection anyway

Track Name: Case
The room has been empty for a long, long time —
There's still yellow tape across the door,
And nobody's lived here since that awful crime —
You see the chalk outline on the floor?

The best of detectives have all come and gone;
They looked over every inch of this place.
What makes you so certain that you'll be the one
To solve the case?

You tell me you've got this new technology
That everyone else has yet to use,
And if I am patient, I will surely see
How you can unravel all the clues.

All of the others have told me the same,
And they never found any leads they could chase.
Flashing your badge here and talking your game
Won't solve the case.

You should be thankful I am telling you,
Instead of selling you
False hope...

I know you believe you've got plenty of skill
And you've got a method that I should embrace,
But I don't believe it, and I never will —
So get off my case.
Track Name: Dream Another Day
If she were here and the mood was right
I would blow it
With something silly I would say
Still she'll be in my arms tonight
Though she don't know it
Because she's miles and miles away

But a dream can sweep the facts aside
And keep her at my side
Where she can make a promise she'll always stay

Though all it takes is the morning light
To overthrow it
I can still dream another day